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Induction & Safety

HMAS Stalwart

For personnel working on HMA Ship Stalwart, you must first be inducted.

To be inducted, you must first read and understand the Induction Booklet

PDF 243kb

and successfully complete the Questionnaire Form

To assist you with learning the most important safety aspects, we also ask you to review this safety guide for:

HMAS Stalwart

PDF 2.3mb

HMAS Stalwart Induction Questionnaire

Docx 235kb

Technical & Support Application • Australia

To be considered part of our Technical Support Network, a supplier must have completed a

Suppliers / Service Providers Review Questionnaire

Please forward completed Questionnaires to our Quality Controller

Our Terms & Conditions • Australia

Tender Assessment • Australia

Once the close date for a request for tender has passed, all the tenders held at that time will be assessed for compliance and value for money. If a number of tenders been received then the results of individual assessments will be compared and the tender awarded to the most competitive bidder.

The specific criteria on which tenders will be assessed are price; quality & environmental management; safety & schedule; predicted performance; technical compliance.

View a tender assessment proforma

If you wish to discuss your track record, which is used to assess your predicted performance, please download the Contact List here.